Next-gen online meeting tool for sales teams

Sales Platform

Video calls, text chat, calendar, AI dialogue automation, and more. Move your sales forces and customer support online with conversational sales platform. Use the power of rich media communication to talk with your future customers  – anywhere, any time, and on any device.

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Imagine that your team can meet your customers online – see how conversational sales works

Rich Media Communication

to empower how you talk with your customers

Speak with your current & potential clients using HD video & audio calls, with presentation mode, text chat, and rich messages all in one tool.   Say no to fragmented communication.

  • High-definition audio and video calls. Give your customers the best experience possible with high-definition audio and video conversations from any browser or mobile device – they don’t need to install anything!
  • Unlimited file uploads. Share and receive photos, videos, and any other documents with your customers
  • A dedicated presentation mode. Easily share your screen with customers
  • Ultra-fast chat. Interact with your customers using text, images, emojis and more.
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Presentation mode

Easily share your screen with customers

Effortless communication with visitors on your website:

  • Share a PDF offer with your future customers, and go over it with them
  • Allow them to book a live presentation of your product and then conduct this demo in one tool right on your website.
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Advanced routing

delivers the right messages to your inbox

Connect website visitors with the right person on your team.

  • Match new contacts to a dedicated team or person
  • Match your current contacts base with the right team member right away
  • Schedule calls with your customers with an intuitive calendar.
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Push notifications

to always be closing

Receive push notifications about new messages to reply instantly and improve lead response time.

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Cross-Device Continuity

to create seamless experience for your current & future customers

Your customers can easily switch between desktop and mobile devices having the same conversation with your team. Unlocking mobile messaging for your customers even if you don’t have a mobile app to give a choice your customers always wanted.

  • Customer can switch between desktop and mobile. Cross-device continuity for your customers – they can switch between devices having the same conversations
  • SDKs. Use Closer to boost your communication in your mobile app
  • All contact history in a unified communication stream. See the details of every customer interaction at a second’s notice
  • The Closer Business app for businesses increases accessibility. With the entire rich communication suite right in their pocket, your team can take care of customers immediately – perfect for companies with distributed teams
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to supercharge your growth and to unlock new opportunities

Use chatbots to capture, identify, and qualify your leads, schedule calls and collect feedback from your customers. Closer allows your employees to focus on more granular details.

  • Lead capture. Closer increases conversion on your website by providing a new way to generate leads
  • Scheduling. Let bot schedule calls for your team. So they can focus on providing the best solution to your customers pains
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Contact history

in a unified communication stream

See the details of every customer interaction at a second’s notice.

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Closer will change the way you do business online

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